I'm a recent graduate from the Flatiron School's Web Development Immersive program. Currently, I'm attending meetups in the New York City area and actively working on side projects on my Github account.

My background, from the Flatiron School, is in Ruby, Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, and Ember.

However, I'm starting to focus on AngularJS and researching other JS frameworks and libraries. The best way I've found to learn is to do so I've begun some side projects in Javascript in addition to my Rails projects.

My contact information, Github profile, and other social media information can be found in the side bar menu. ↗



Where should I eat tonight? Is it cold outside? If you've ever wondered this, Walk2Dinner is the app for you. After you create an account the app directs you to a nearby restaurant, including walking directions, and provides the weather along the walk including chance of rain and what time sunset is. The app is built on Ruby on Rails and utilizes Google Maps, Open Weather, and Yelp APIs to gather data. I really got into DRY and OOP principles in this project. I utilized a lot of partials, view objects, and service objects.

Charity Connection

Walking through New York City, especially the Financial District, I saw so many businesses throwing away perfectly good items, so I decided to do something about it. Charity Connection connects charities in need with businesses looking to get rid of various resources. Businesses can create accounts and list items. Charities can claim items. The app is built on Ruby on Rails and includes action mailer to send confirmation emails to businesses and charities, Omniauth for Google Login, and advanced ActiveRecord querying on an admin analytics page.

Just Lunch

I'm new to the city, I'm really busy, and I don't know anyone. This was me when I first moved to NY, so I made an app. Users sign up and register where they work and what time they eat lunch. Just Lunch does the rest. It sends out invitations to users in the same area with the same lunch time and suggests a restaurant nearby. This was my first Ruby app. It uses Faker and Fabrication gems to generate seed data for hundreds of fake users, secure login with Bcrypt, and secure Yelp API key storage with Figaro.


New York City

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